Founded in 1978

Founded in 1978 as the „Private Braugasthöfe Beratungsgesellschaft für Brauereigastronomie mbH“, we enable private, family-run breweries and brewpubs to promote themselves and get the recognition they deserve in ways that would otherwise be impossible for them to garner on their own. We do this because we share the common passion for quality and of course, the love of good beer.

Beer as A Cultural Offering

The Private Brewpubs and Breweries have the mission of showing that beer is an actual cultural offering and an important part of both the history and ongoing identity of many regions. The yearly contributions are listed here in this guide, as well as on the website:

Currently all of our 69 members from Germany, Denmark, South Tyrol and Switzerland are working together to help achieve our common goals of maintaining and preserving this specific culture of beer. Altogether us beer lovers are creating over 330 different types of beer in the more than 60 different locations which you’ll find in more detail in this book.