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Beer has been a staple of our civilization since ancient times. With beer we can not only celebrate, but conduct politics, and make toasts to some of our most important life events during the very celebrations that define our lives. This is exactly what makes beer so uniquely different to any other drink that we know of- it is close to us in ways that no other drink can claim to be, without being a snobby, just for special occasions type of thing. The Private Breweries, Brewpubs and Hotels listed in this book are an active part of this very special connection we have to beer. Come and see this magic for yourself by visiting any one of them!

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There are many different ways one can enjoy and experience the vast world of beer. A good starting point could be a tour of the brewery or visiting the brewery’s museum or visitor center. For a more in-depth experience, you can take part in a brewing course and learn some of the historical methods of brewing beer by hand, in addition to modern techniques. Cooking with beer is also an option, as well as taking part in a beer and food pairing event where the emphasis is more on the eating and drinking!