Mild beer fresh from the barrel until the end of October

This year again, the Berg Brauerei and the Berger Brauer are pleased that the light, seasonal autumn gold will be served fresh from the barrel in many inns in the region from now until the end of October!

Mild beer with character

Made from light Albkorn barley malt, as well as the special malts Cara-Spezial and Caramünch, the Herbstgold was brewed to an original wort of 10.1% and an alcohol content of 4.1%. Together with the careful addition of Tettnang aromatic hops, a mildly hopped beer with a brilliant golden yellow color and a subtle malt aroma is created.

When mashing in the brewhouse, natural active ingredients are important aids in beer production, as they convert cereal starch into malt sugar. The same conversion process takes place in the mouth when chewing bread. After a while, the bread tastes sweet, since the natural active ingredients from the grain starch are also converted into sugar here. The slow mashing process in the brewhouse with boiling and resting mash gives the beers in Berg their special malt character. However, the transformation during mashing takes time. This is the same with brewing as with bread baking.

Yeast then ferments the wort to alcohol and carbonic acid. In many breweries the beer is then ready. In Berg, two further important steps follow. The wort fermented in the rare and complex vat fermentation is removed from the vat after eight days of main fermentation, leaving the tannins on the inner walls. In the maturing tank, the beer is crushed with fresh yeast and wort – the secondary fermentation takes place from 6°C down to -1°C. In this way, the carbon dioxide binds very finely to the beer. This second fermentation is also often used in the classic sparkling wine and champagne production.

Let’s go to the tavern!

Autumn gold is available from now until the end of October, in cosy inns, wonderful country inns, noble restaurants, pubs and bars fresh from the barrel. “As every year, our autumn gold is only available fresh from the barrel and is served in the tavern. This year this has a whole new meaning and with this beer speciality we are creating an additional impulse for a visit to the restaurant”, says brewery owner Uli Zimmermann.